Make friendship with your subpersonalities


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You don’t need to be #schizophrenic to have #subpersonalities

Roles are important in our life: mother/father, sister/brother, son/daughter, boss, employee, lover, sportwo-man, businesswo-man, friend, writer, car-lover, whatever!

I cannot get responsibility because of…

I cannot do any sports because of…

I cannot meet friends because of …

I cannot change my job because of…

I cannot have a family because of….

I cannot cook because of…

I cannot go on holiday because of…


Do you think you block yourself?

Have you heard about subpersonalities?

No, you don’t need to be #schizophrenic to have #subpersonalities.

And I hope you have several ones!

The conflict comes if one subpersonality locks horns with one subpersonality of another. And that is time and energy-consuming.


Because you can stick yourself, deny your access to your interesting, creative, humorous, appropriate, ….part.

Or, it can happen you identify yourself with an activity, a type of hobby, a friend, an object…. take care about it as it can become superficial. And if you don’t have IT anymore, the big crash arrives.

I love the “symphony orchestra” metaphor:

  • Each plays a different instrument, but they can be grouped.
  • Each musician tries his instrument before a concert and they make a noise incredible.

Then, the conductor comes out and harmony is heard.

How can you find harmony among your roles?

All of them need to go in the same direction.

Set up your inner orchestra, and conduct it to find your BALANCE!

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