Performance Coaching With Krisztina Benczik


I took this picture in Nepal.
I felt limitless freedom and energy at that moment.
I realized that is what I can offer and share with you through Coaching:

Alignment of Being – Knowing- Doing
leads you to your best performance every day.

For You

The gap is what I address

I accompany corporate professionals, start-ups leaders, individuals, and young adults who wish to rethink, realign and redirect their personal and professional projects to obtain their best performance every day.

I chose to become a Coach after seeing the struggle people need to overcome when they need to change something around themselves.

The experience I got from studying management, working as a consultant and employee in over 8 companies, in 5 different sectors, and 3 different countries made me realize that there was a gap that needed to be addressed to see people through the change process.

I help you thrive in your professional and personal life position to become who you would like to be

My 5 DRIVES via coaching are to help you:

  • to be able to find a new perspective on your situation and uncover new opportunities,
  • to remain proactive,
  • to boost relational skills,
  • to use emotional intelligence as a hard skill,
  • to find sustainable solutions confidently.

Who I am

Hi, Bonjour, Moien, Jó napot kívánok,

I am Krisztina Benczik.

I was born in Hungary, lived in France for 10 years, and have been living in Luxembourg since 2016.

I speak and coach in French, English, and Hungarian.

I know the challenge of having to reinvent yourself time and time again

I changed countries, jobs, and careers. These take resilience and courage. I have learned a lot from experience in my life:

  • Slow down or speed up?:  you don’t have to be “ON” 24/7. Recognize which state is needed to be productive, innovative, or creative. I learned each state requires a different way of being.
  • Emotional intelligence is something you can learn.
  • Communication is an art: identify the right time, choose the right words, adapt the right body language, and be able to adapt the right tone and the right speed to be authentic, confident and people believe in your word.
  • Smile and keep it easy: nothing gets easier if it makes complex first.
  • Learning is not only happening in school, even if I am a certified MBA (Technical University of Budapest), I have a master degree in Business Administration (Sciences Po in Paris) and I am a trained Project & Change Manager.
  • Changing “OR” into “AND
  • Navigating conflicts takes more than technical practice. It requires seeing the HUMAN. That is why turned back to learn professional coaching with HEC Paris after working for 16 years with international big groups in the public and private sectors as a consultant in IT, strategy, and risk management.

You get support to act and implement your plan.

Changes can be uncomfortable; however, I can guarantee a safe and confidential environment for you to harness and channel your energy.

I look forward to hearing your story and to being your growth and change partner,

Krisztina Benczik

My philosophy and values

My approach

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