Performance Coaching With Krisztina Benczik

What did you expect?

…to be patient or not to be patient?

I was not a patient person, and even today, I can lose my zen part.

With others and with myself also.

Do you remember the Schweppes ads?
What did you expect?

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It is time to “Personalize your lifestyle”

Everybody gives advice on how to save time and how can be more efficient: get up at 4 am, read emails in the morning or evening, avoid multitasks, have a cold shower in the morning, have breakfast –or not, do yoga,…never-ending list!

How to do?

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How do you like Potential & Performance words?

I can see a lot of people run away reading and hearing the words potential and performance.

At the same time, these words are everywhere in our daily life. You go out to have dinner, you would like to eat some delicious food

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