Performance Coaching With Krisztina Benczik

It is time to “Personalize your lifestyle”

Everybody gives advice on how to save time and how can be more efficient: get up at 4 am, read emails in the morning or evening, avoid multitasks, have a cold shower in the morning, have breakfast –or not, do yoga,…never-ending list!

I am just asking if we get up at 4 am, we need to go to bed at around 10 pm. So, what if: we sleep between 12 and 6 am? Some people need to sleep 4 hours or 9 hours to be productive and happy. So, why should we get up at 4 am? You are not an early bird, so just accept it!

Some profession does not allow checking emails only in the morning and in the evening.

Being multitasked can create more creativity for someone.


Why should you follow THE advice of the others?

You copy the “how” from the others. These “how” are strange to your body and your thoughts, so you force yourself to apply them (because this “how” works in the case of your best friends, colleagues, neighbors, etc.) and you set up rules but you are not able to follow them. And you create frustration by yourself.

It is useful to listen to and hear all advice, of course as “Wise men learn by other men’s mistakes, fools by their own”.


Please, find out by yourself (or with help of a coach) which method, which way, and how do YOU prefer to proceed to achieve what YOU would like.

You need to PERSONALISE all wise advice if you would like to avoid creating just rules and frustration and have more energy and save time every day.

I hope to meet you soon!


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