Performance Coaching With Krisztina Benczik

Coaching for Professionals

Addressed for executives, managers, team members, and leaders.

Executive Coaching

Executive coaching is a learning process. It is an individually tailored practice in talent development as it involves a close and confidential relationship between the coach and coachee. The leader is accompanied in his personal and professional development, in the progression of his management skills, and his leadership skills.

Executive coaching is also a creative process as it is aimed at leading the leader to explore new ways of looking at his environment and finding her/his unique responses to issues relating to his ambitions.


• Give the possibility of identifying modes of perception and decoding real needs

• Be more aware of your operating mode

• Facilitate the understanding of frame of reference and the invention of new ways of exercising

• Apprehend with serenity the complex situations

• Induce behavioral changes

• Generate new perspectives

• Make strategic decisions more effectively

• Implement and achieve objectives and ambitions

• Design own management and communication model

Management Coaching

Management coaching is addressed for team leaders, managers, and leaders who wish to establish or develop their managerial and/or leadership skills. Human behaviors change, new generations integrate into the company and it leads the management to change, to develop within their management function, and also it means to adjust increasingly their skills.


• Take on a new function with more serenity and confidence

• Adapt your behavior to new challenges

• Develop the capacity to challenge and reach your team

• Mastery of personal and relational skills

• Develop the capacity to motivate

• Use of effective, convincing, and mobilizing communication

• Develop systemic thinking skills to prepare for strategic decisions

• Ease in decision-making, especially when faced with new issues

• Stimulation of creativity and innovation

• Ability to manage tensions and conflicts

• Support cultural or organizational transformations

• Design new ways of accessing performance

• Get the confidence to experiment with new actions, new behaviors, and learn from one’s actions

• Strengthen the quality of your life

Professional Coaching

Professional coaching gives you the possibility to stop, slow down, take a step back from, or accelerate your professional challenges. Coaching makes it possible to find your solution to complex and tactful issues. Professional coaching facilitates your reasoning and supports you to set up plans.


• Change the professional trajectory

• Regain your motivation

• Be able to see your company and your career from another point of view

• Gain energy

• Be more organized

• Take on new responsibilities

• Develop your communication method

• Strengthen your self-confidence and self-esteem

• Develop more solid inner security (self-confidence, self-esteem) in face of uncertain situations

• Design new ways of accessing your performance

• Find your place in your team

• Become a better team player

• Experiment with new actions, and new behaviors, and learn from one’s actions

• Become more attentive to yourself

• Free yourself from fears, beliefs, and limiting behaviors

Career Transition Coaching

A career transition is based on understanding and giving sense to this period of transition to constructing your progress reliably. A career-changing should be prepared to be made securely.


• Get clarity of your (new) career goals: internal or external evolution, would you like to undertake?

• Work on your posture, self-confidence

• Set up a secure action plan

• Rework CV

• Reinforce cover letter

• Practice interviews

• Work on your communication

• Keep on and increase your motivation during the transition position.


Communication coaching focuses on boosting your relational skills, balancing your relationships with others, and encouraging cooperation between individuals by adjusting your communication way.


• Learn to communicate more effectively

• Learn to speak in public

• Give feedback

• Become more aware

• Focus on empathy

• Better managing conflicts with its teams or with its hierarchy

• Practice active listening

Creat the plan that works for you and for your company

Corporate Coaching

For Corporate Coaching

Step 1

Make a request to your HR directly or maybe your HR/Manager suggests coaching.

Step 2

Contact me directly determine how I can accompany you.

Step 3

Organise a tri-lateral meeting with your N+1 to define the goals and condition of your coaching: frequency and terms.

Step 4

Coaching sessions: subject matter of each sessions can be pre-defined.

Step 5

A tri-lateral meeting will be organised to present your achievements.

Private Coaching

For Private Coaching

Step 1

Contact me for a free session.

Step 2

Initial session - to fix your objectives and conditions of coaching: frequency and terms.

Step 3

Coaching sessions.

4 Tailor-Made Options

One Session Coaching

You have one specific question.

Three Session Coaching

You wish to work on a specific theme or issue on depth.

Eight Session Coaching

We can address several subjects during 8-10 sessions.

Framework Coaching

Several Coaches can be accompanied in your company at the same time. The number of sessions are personalized by framework and by Coachee.

Are you ready to begin your journey?

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