The gap is what I address

I help corporate professionals, start-ups and individuals who feel uncomfortable or stuck, to rethink and redirect their career and their life on their own terms.

You will get support to reinvent yourselves. You can get confidence (that I had to learn the hard way) with support from someone who has experienced and understands the situation.

I accompany you to change and improve your situtation by embracing the Learning zone and ending in the Grow zone.

I help you thrive in your career and in your life to become who you would like to be

The DRIVE in my work is to help you:

  • to be able to find a new perspective on your situation and help you to uncover opportunities,
  • to remain proactive,
  • to find out what you can change in yourself and around you,
  • to find smile in your professional and personal life (again),
  • to learn to trust yourself,
  • to find sustainable solutions confidently.