Access Consciousness’s Energetic Facial Lift™ is an incredible process that can reverse the on set of aging on the face and can create similar effects throughout the body inside and outside.


It is different from other alternatives, in the sense that it is softer, more delicate and easier for you and your body and 100% natural.

This technique is a process of affixing hands where more than 30 energies run simultaneously throughout the body, combined with processes to get out of the limiting points of view related to age, appearance, body etc. It’s related to cell regeneration. The results are reflected on the face and the body.

Why do you need to receive Facelifting?

The benefits are numerous and varied according to the testimonials without cream or  surgical procdedures : 

  • vitality,
  • glow of the skin,
  • appearance younger, lessening of lines  and wrinkles,
  • more relaxed, feeling of peace,
  • decrease of stress and judgments on oneself, 
  • comfort and ease with his body,
  • make stronger body healing,
  • and many other changes.

How does it work ?

By changing the relationship you have with your body, you begin to change the relationship what you have with everything in your life.

Specific clearing processes are also used to deconstruct your considerations, judgments, beliefs, about your face, your body, your age and aging…